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A study conducted by the Natech Engineering group found that major cities have more relatively well-stocked drinkable water systems.


On the other hand, secondary centers (more than 800 localities) have the lowest level of access to drinkable water.


Other secondary centers  (82%) are home to a significant portion of the population that does not yet have access to safe drinkable  water at a reasonable distance, as well as many poorly maintained, poorly managed or broken structures.


In response, Natech Engineering Group, with the support of its technical and financial partner Square1 Technologies, will make remarquable crucial efforts to improve the drinkable water supply situation of rural and semi-urban population by setting up a system of refining and water purification."  HYDRO-MAXX. The WB-5000-Emergency Response System (ERS) is immediately available to be deployed anywhere in the world where the problem of contaminated water exists.

1. Hydro-maxx Characteristic


The Hydro-MaxxTM system produces up to 5,000 litres of clean, clear, safe, purified, healthy and safe drinking drinking water every day.


Feeding requirements; 110 / 220VAC, 12VDC or solar, 200W power consumption.


Requires only simple periodic maintenance, the patented AOP hybrid arc tube has twice the lifespan of other UV-C bulbs (20,000 hours). Portable, it fits into a shipping suitcase in accordance with airlines. It settles down in less than 10 minutes.


Based on NASA's water recovery system for the Space Shuttle. - Requires only a simple periodic maintenance - Based on NASA's Water Recovery System (WRS) for Space Shuttle and subsequent programs of the ISS The AOP Hybrid Arc Tube. - PATENTed HYDRO-MAXX™ Servo-Integrated-Controller (SIC) The purification post filtration model was tested against ANSI/NSF standards 42, 53, and 55 for lead, cyst, chlorine and turbidity reductions, and for microbial reductions, E-Coli-99.999%.

2. WB-5000-ERS Conception


Summaries: Components tested and certified at the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. EPA-approved laboratory standards, European-approved laboratory standards, and national laboratory standards from more than 50 countries.  In fact, they are the only products in this industry that meet is the rigid standards of ISO 9000. Exceeds the ANSI/NSF Standard 53 criteria for cyst reduction (100% elimination of Giardia and Crypto Oocysts) and CDC/EPA guidelines on drinking water for people with severely weakened immune systems.


100% to 0.9 micron filtration efficiency 'gt' filtration efficiency; 98% to 0.2 micron Highly effective bacteriological filtration with an efficiency of 0.05 microns Tested with Cryptospridium living at 100% elimination efficiency The American, British and Hong Kong laboratories tested the DE-Ceramic Cartridge with the following results.

NSF42 - exceeds 85% of particles 0.05 to 1.0 micron53 reduction - eliminates 99.5% of cysts and 1.0 NTU turbidity reduction of bacteria - 99.99% Removed 100% Shigella Dysenterie, Salmonella Typhi, and Vibrio Cholerae Heavy Reduction 99.5% - 99.9%The DE-Ceramic Cartridge is a highly efficient ceramic microfilter that ensures a true submicron filtration of drinking water.  The DE-Ceramic Cartridge is made with the highly consistent and controlled pore structure needed to remove a wide range of water-borne contaminants over the life of the cartridge. Ozone oxidation destroys algae, viruses and bacteria in contact with any harmful by-products.  Ozone oxidizes chlorine and bromine combined, releasing them for continual reuse.  As a result, the use and cost of chemicals is reduced.Precipitation It breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocule, causing total dissolved solids to be precipitated and easily removed by the water filtration process.  SanitationOzone is the most potent disinfectant, non-selectively killing all microorganisms while producing no harmful by-products.

3. Objectives

The specific objectives of Square1 Technologies and Natech Engineering group are:
Ensuring universal access to safe drinking water services for ALL Burkinabé; Contribute to improving the living conditions of the people of Burkina Faso; Strengthen services for drinking water and sanitation; Continue to support Burkina Faso in improving access to sanitation and clean water.


Focus efforts on areas to increase, in a fair and equitable manner, by promoting low-cost technologies, access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation in communities, schools and health centres, in the context of the climate change and recurrent humanitarian emergencies. Reducing burkina Faso's unemployment rate

4. Missions

We are dedicated to meeting people's water needs in quantity and quality. They will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including "Ensuring access to water services for all and ensuring sustainable management of drinking water resources in all provinces of Burkina Faso especially the poorest areas."


5. Success Keys


  • Natech Engineering intends to set up a marketing and sales team Here in Burkina Faso.

  • Define and implement a strategy to impove the Burkinabe faso water suply .

  • Mobilize a leading management, marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing and production team.

  • Take advantage of the ability to generate revenue

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