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At Natech we believe that building bridges and inspecting them is a Must. 

With the experience of our associate certify by the Federal Highway Administration FHWA-NHI – 130055 Inspection of In service Bridge, we are ready to put into run-through everything we leaned as Inspector, Principal Engineer and Team leader for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.


By being actively part of the team that wrote the sign structure report on COMBIS (Combined  Inspection System), we will work to meet your need of accurate and online base report for all type of Sign Structures Evaluation. 




Load Rating


Structural Foundation

Earth Retaining Structures

Sign Structures: 

Overhead Sign Support Structure

Cantilever Signs

Bridge Mounted


Culvert Hydraulics

Hydrology and Floodplains

Scour, Stream Stability and Countermeasures

Safety Bridge Inspection

Bridge Management

Bridge Inspections and Sign Structures

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